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Design Features of Air Jordan 3
With the addition of Michael Jordan, Jordan 3 For Sale iconic ankle joint design, burst pattern and visible Air Sole air cushion were born. At the same time, in order to make the shoes more recognizable, Jordan Brand's "flying man" logo was also officially launched on the Fake Jordan 3 shoes for the first time. The superposition of these multiple elements finally made the Air Jordan 3 Reps shoes officially launched in 1988. A generation of legends, it not only successfully helped Nike retain Jordan, but also helped Jordan win the first MVP in his career, the best defensive player of the year, the All-Star MVP and the dunk contest champion.

Differences of the Air Jordan 3
So what kind of sneakers does Jordan want? The biggest difference from the previous two generations is his upper. Air Jordan 3 Reps adopts an unprecedented mid-top design, because Jordan has always wanted a pair of sneakers with high flexibility, so that he can make some changes in direction. At that time, a pair of mid-top shoes was difficult to be accepted by people. AJ3 was also a pioneer. It turns out that basketball shoes can also be mid-top. Today, Best Jordan 3 is a bit similar to the Kobe 4th generation, which is also the success of Air Jordan 3, and there are more and more mid-top shoes behind it.
In addition to the height of the upper, Jordan also wants his shoes to be lighter. I don’t know if you have noticed that the leather of the Fake Jordan 3’s upper is made of lychee leather with particularly deep lines. This is specially made by Tinker. , because this material can greatly reduce the weight of the sneakers.

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