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Chronicle of the founding of New Balance:
New Balance, a well-known leading brand of running shoes, you may not know that it was just a small factory in Boston, USA, making corrective insoles and related shoe accessories. Founder William J. Riley founded the brand in 1906. The first product was not running shoes, but an elastic arch pad designed with the concept of three-point support. The origin of the brand name is quite interesting. It is said that Larry saw the rooster "Golden Rooster Independence" in the courtyard, so he imitated the rooster to stand on one leg on the desk and design products. Larry believes that his insoles can bring people a "new balance", and the name "New Balance" was born from this.

It is the only traditional brand that is still manufactured locally in the United States. It is known as the "Presidential Jogging Shoes" and "King of Jogging Shoes" in the United States and many countries.

What is the brand culture of New Balance
New Balance firmly believes that "the better the shoe fits, the more athletic potential can be displayed."
Insist on producing shoes with multiple widths and heights, which closely meet the needs of users.
The design with people as the starting point is also the most basic care, bringing the most comfortable and close shoe type to every consumer.

New Balance's future outlook

To this day, New Balance continues the traditional spirit, combines the latest technology and running trends, and develops more professional running shoes and more complete shoes, such as the ultra-lightweight marathon shoes of the MRC5000 series, and the widely acclaimed 890 series of shock absorbers. Running shoes, 870 series with stabilizing function, 810 cross-country series with waterproof effect, and even the barefoot MINIMUS series that are popular recently, etc. Of course, presidential shoes will not be absent. From the original number 1300, it has evolved to the current number 2040. It represents continuous innovation and progress.
New Balance upholds social moral responsibility and takes becoming a high-tech, high-quality world leader in sports and leisure products as its brand mission. This small shoe factory that silently manufactured insoles for the health of the feet, in this rapidly changing globalization era , will continue to challenge themselves and find their own new balance.

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