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Origin of the name sacai
In Japanese culture, it is a habit for women to "take their husband's surname" after they get married, and the Abe Chitose we know now is no exception. "Abe" is not Abe's original surname, but "Sakai" is. In fact, the establishment of the Sacai Nike Shoes was also encouraged by Chitoshi’s husband Junichi Abe at that time. Chitoshi, who quit his job to have a child, was able to muster up the courage to use his original surname "Sakai" (same as "sacai" in English) ) re-emerged.

How was Nike Sacai Shoes created?
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Nike Sacai Shoes was founded in 1999. The initial clothing series were all made by Qiandengshi in his own home, and not many people paid for them. Except for the French store Cloette, most of Qiandengshi’s customers were close friends and relatives in clothing. friend.

This small-scale business model lasted until 2010, when Qiandengshi held an invitation-only press conference for the first time. Although the scale of the press conference was not as large as that of other European and American brands, the novel design of Nike Sacai Sneakers amazed the audience and attracted many people in the industry. Since then, the popularity has been greatly exhibited!

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