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Features of Air Jordan 1

As the pioneering work of the Air Jordan series, Jordan 1 Reps is undoubtedly the most story-telling sneaker in the long history of sneaker culture. In the era of basketball shoes dominated by black and white, the appearance of Rep Jordan 1 "Chicago" and "Bred" colors completely shattered the "old order" at that time, and also opened the glorious road of a legendary sneaker series. On the occasion of Jordan Brand's 30th anniversary, the return of the Air Jordan 1 Reps Cheap "Chicago" at this time is a milestone.

In order to pay tribute to the original version in 1985, Air Jordan Reps Brand also took great pains to make the shoes almost return to their original appearance: without the sexy heel of the Jumpman Logo, the original Nike Air Logo tongue, and the unbearable 9-hole shoelace design , and even the touching "No Shoelaces" release, as if it took us into a time machine, shuttled back to the Chicago United Center in 1985, and witnessed MJ's thunderous and elegant dunks, which is endlessly memorable. Here, HYPEBEAST will also offer the deepest respect for Air Jordan 1 Reps "Chicago", and at the same time open the door to the world of stories behind the shoes, and share its "interesting secret history" with you.

The Birth of the Replica Jordan 1 "Flying Wing" Logo

The "flying wing" logo on the Jordan 1 Reps collar was born on a napkin on a flight from Portland to Chicago
At that time, Nike brand creative director Peter Moore was sitting on the plane from Portland to Chicago. After noticing a little boy with the pilot "flying wing" badge souvenir given by the airline, he drew inspiration from its shape and made the Rep Jordan 1 The "Flying Wing" Logo on the collar of the shoe was immediately drawn on the tissue in front of him. And this logo also symbolizes Michael Jordan's superman's jumping power and airborne power, which has become an eternal classic image.

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What are the most popular Jordan 1 styles?

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Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG SP Travis Scott Olive
Air Jordan 1 High OG Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse
Air Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott

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