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Air Jordan 12 Design Inspiration
Fake Jordan 12 is the first pair of Air Jordan shoes officially released in mainland China. Its design is quite feminine, and it is said that it was inspired by fashionable women's high heels. The upper adopts an asymmetrical design style, giving people a sense of rebellion, and the use of lizard skin makes the upper tougher.

Air Jordan 12 Reps is the first sneaker in the Air Jordan series to use Zoom Air. This new type of air cushion is implanted with elastic fibers inside, so it has inherent advantages in terms of comfort and feedback. It's a pity that the debut of Zoom Air in the Air Jordan series was not perfect. The slightly thick midsole of the 12th generation also affected the Zoom air cushion's performance in terms of foot feel to a certain extent, and the subsequent re-engraved version improved very well. at this point. The carbon fiber panels that performed perfectly in the previous generation are still used, and the new weaving form is even more eye-catching. It is no exaggeration to say that even if the carbon fiber plate is removed from the chassis of the 12 OG, the stability will not be greatly affected, because the sole of the first year 12 is hard and heavy. To put it bluntly, because the soles of the first year were too "stealing", the Zoom Air and the carbon fiber support tray did not play their due role on him.

Why the Air Jordan 12 is a shoelace killer
The metal buckle on the top of the Best Jordan 12 shoelace hole can be regarded as the finishing touch, but it is not very practical, because the metal buckle can be said to be a famous "shoelace killer" in the sneaker industry. The Fake Jordan 12, which was re-engraved in 2012, replaced the metal buckle with a plastic buckle, and the durability of the re-engraved button has also become a problem. The classic moment of Jordan 12 For Sale was the flu battle that year. In Game 5 of the 1997 Finals, the Bulls played away against the Jazz. Before the game, Jordan suddenly suffered from vomiting and diarrhea and developed a high fever, but Jordan did not flinch. Not only did he persist on the court for 44 minutes, but he also scored 38 points alone. Won the victory 90-88. When the final whistle blew, Jordan collapsed in Pippen's arms, and countless fans were moved. This is also one of the most classic pictures of the Bulls Dynasty.

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