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Design features of Yeezy 700 Shoes

The Yeezy 700 Reps series is a good example. This work completed by Steven Smith, the chief designer of YEEZY, was born at the beginning of the rise of the old shoe style. Unlike the traditional old shoes, the Yeezy 700 Replica has more elusive lines and hard-to-find regular color separation design. This break with the traditional retro old shoes based on the shape of the piece is the epitome of YEEZY's challenge to the entire field of sneakers. On the YEEZY 700 V2, the designer added the curved three-bar logo that originally appeared on the rough manuscript.

In the YEEZY 700 V3, the large-area hollow mold on the upper is combined with the textured fabric, plus the overall modification of the best Yeezy 700 shoe shape: a more swooping toe and a more warped heel, the Fake Yeezy 700 series is brought A new level. This is a single-model series product line network layout completed through iterative design. YEEZY uses step-by-step single product design to make the entire product network full of rules but still full of innovative vitality. At the same time, different subdivided product lines have formed a layout that is perfectly distinguished by design elements: Yeezy 350 Reps is mainly three-dimensional flying weaving; Yeezy 500 Reps is mainly leather cutting; Yeezy 700 Reps is developing from innovative cutting to shoe upper mould; And the Foam Runner, the Fake Yeezy 450, around the possibility of mold design.

Even though YEEZY's product design is still the logic of designer brands, it faces a much larger market demand. Perhaps, this is the most difficult part of copying YEEZY: "The combination of local innovation and overall layout, and endow it with a life cycle of up to seven years."

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