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The appearance of Yeezy 500
The Yeezy 500 Reps is a style of old shoes, which is a type that looks more and more like it. If the Yeezy 350 Reps still has the shadow of adidas, then the appearance of the Yeezy 500 Replica has completely created Kanye’s DNA. This pair of shoes is very sci-fi, not like a product of this planet.

The fur material used on the toe cap is a mesh material on the side. The middle is embellished with 3M reflective material. This kind of reflective material, at night, with a little light shining, the reflective strip will have a very bright feeling.

Yeezy 500 Fake is all in one color, currently available in bone white, yellow, sea salt, and black, easy to wear and easy to match.

Design Features of Fake Yeezy 500
Kanye Yeezy 500 Reps Retro Daddy Shoes The original shoes were developed with original materials and new colors. The whole pair of shoes continues the shape design of Fake Yeezy 500 and is presented in tan with rock and soil texture. Unlike the past, the upper uses the original mesh material, All filled with cotton, with full-textured suede material, it looks round and thick

Yeezy 500 Reps inherits the classic design of Tianzu, spans retro and sci-fi visual effects, and caters to the current trend of old shoes. It really has a good eye-catching effect on the street!
The Yeezy 500 For Sale is actually a pair of shoes consisting of a brand new upper + an old sole. The shoes use the classic adidas "Tianzu" outsole, and the shape of the outsole is exactly the same as the adidas EQT KB8 III... Kobe was wearing it back then This pair of KB8 III played in the NBA in the 99-00 season

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