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The launch of the Air Jordan 5
In 1990, when the Air Jordan production line went all the way to the fifth generation model, the Air Jordan series of signature shoes had become a force in the world of sneakers. Luxurious sneakers are always something every kid wishes for, and they beg their parents to buy them a pair. Especially the price of more than 100 US dollars can make them the envy of children. At that time, the sneakers were almost old shoes, not to mention that the sneakers could be produced to the fifth generation series, and Air Jordan did it. Jordan Brand showed no signs of slowing down, launching the Air Jordan 5 Reps in 1990.

Due to the bold innovation of designer Tinker Hatfield on Fake Jordan 5 and the design of fighter elements, people at that time had very bright expectations for the future of Air Jordan.

Air Jordan 5 upper design
Best Jordan 5 is first remembered as a milestone in the history of basketball shoe design, and secondly as a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes. Jordan 5 Reps has absorbed a lot of essence in the design of Air Jordan 4. The family characteristics inherited from a series are also reflected in Replica Jordan 5. The first is the use of mesh material on the upper. This is the innovation of Air Jordan 4. Design, the designer of Air Jordan 5 draws on this successful design very well, making Air Jordan 5 even more special. Of course, Fake Jordan 5 also has many unique designs, the most important one is still the midsole technology that was touted at that time. Although the Air Jordan 5 is still using the ordinary AIR-SOLE with a window on the back palm, it has made a qualitative leap in the design and material application of the midsole and outsole. These designs have also directly affected basketball for the next two decades. In shoe design, a brand new design idea appeared. The unique midsole of Air Jordan 5 Reps is first of all the special pattern on the outside of the forefoot midsole. Based on the concept of World War II fighter MUSTANG FIGHTER, the design of shark tooth pattern is used in the midsole of the shoe. This is definitely an unprecedented breakthrough design. The EVA midsole uses different colored coatings to create such a beautiful pattern. Although it is only a simple splash pattern, it directly determines the trend of the midsole design of basketball shoes in the next five years. Various complicated patterns are used on the midsole of sports shoes without hesitation, and even various The somewhat unacceptable exaggerated patterns continue in the midsole design of Best Jordan 5. Of course, the midsole pattern of Air Jordan 5 Shoes is still the most special. The stretched pattern makes the usual simple basketball shoes full of vitality in an instant. Basketball shoes can only adjust the atmosphere by changing the color. Since the appearance of Jordan 5 Reps, the real midsole modification has appeared, and after the development, there are countless classic designs that have evolved from this simple pattern.

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