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Although it may be a little unfamiliar to friends who have just joined the fashion industry in recent years, I just feel: "Why does BAPE STA look so similar to Air Force 1?" If you only hold this idea, it may mean that you don't know this Style is a psychologically crucial existence for early trendsetters in the millennium stage. But when it comes to directly talking about the part of the shoe list, the author thinks that it may be more interesting to talk about the backside of A BATHING APE "ape head". With this foundation, it will also deepen your longing for Bapesta Reps. If you are interested, you may as well Let's make a simple understanding together.
Speaking of A Reps Bapesta (BAPE), it is one of the most talked about brands in Japanese streetwear, representing the successful case of the country's subculture from the underground to the mainstream market. Whether it's an embroidered full-zip hoodie or a camouflage coat, they help define modern street style.

Does BAPE STA's "strong return" represent the revival of the retro trend?
Bapesta Reps, as the originator-level street fashion brand born in Harajuku, Japan, has brought us many surprises since its birth. The only regret is not that nigo is doing the work (if you want to know the birth of Replica Bapesta, you can read the previous article), but the business behavior of the IT group. After all, it was acquired by the IT group in 2009 due to poor management. In 2013, NIGO completely withdrew from BAPE .

How did the bape STA develop while being extremely similar to the Air Force 1?
From a commercial point of view, the main reason why NIKE did not sue Bapesta Shoes Reps at that time was the symbiotic relationship. A simple explanation can be explained by the current "complex dividend". Being on AIR Force 1, which was already very hot, was equivalent to playing a "benign" promotion for NIKE, and in terms of market share at the time, Nike suing Rep Bapestas would bring unnecessary negative effects, plus Replica Bapesta at that time On the big ship of hip hop culture, in the face of this huge trend, peaceful and healthy competition is the best business decision, which is why NIKE later launched shoes with the same fabric as Rep Bapesta Shoes, the first pair has AIR Force 1 in patent leather.

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