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What are the characteristics of Balenciaga shoes?
Balenciaga Reps shoes No matter in terms of appearance, color matching, version and comfort, this old shoe from Balenciaga must be irreplaceable. The splicing of suede and mesh is the biggest feature of Cheap Balenciaga Shoes. The simple and textured suede has a strong retro style, the unique mesh surface of spliced sneakers, retro fashion + sports trend, it has it all.

The second biggest feature of Rep Balenciaga shoes is its sole, and the thick sole is officially the biggest feature of past sneakers. The reason why the sneakers are named this way is that they are designed for the convenience of traveling on long distances. Even if you travel long distances, your feet will not feel tired. Therefore, Balenciaga Track Reps shoes continue this design, making the soles the thickest, and you can return to your feet when you walk. Elastic, very comfortable and save your feet.

The color scheme of Balenciaga Reps shoes?
In terms of color matching, in addition to contrasting colors, there are also solid colors and styles with some color blocks, which can be adapted to match different clothing in different seasons. In summer, you can choose styles with more contrasting colors, while in autumn and winter, you can choose styles with less eye-catching colors.

In terms of collocation, in autumn and winter, choose clothes with more solid colors, so as not to look out of place with winter. Although Cheap Balenciaga shoes are trendy sneakers, they are very versatile, no matter whether it is a coat or a down jacket!

How to match Balenciaga shoes?
In spring and summer, collocation requires more thought. We all know that Balenciaga Reps shoes and colorful socks are a perfect match, but how do we choose colorful socks? The golden rule is color matching! Although there are many colors of Rep Balenciaga shoes, we only need to match one of the colors, isn’t it very simple?

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What are the popular Balenciaga shoes?

Balenciaga Triple S Clear Sole Black
Balenciaga Triple S White
Balenciaga Tess S.Black
Balenciaga Tess S.Pulm Red

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